Welcome, this website is here to share more with anyone who is interested. Share more about: Scrum, DevOps and Leadership via my blog and trainings & workshops.

Or learn more about my smart home journey without a programming background with Home Assistant.

Update: 28-9-2022 (the website is getting an entire renew in the coming weeks)

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About me

IMG_9906_newGeoffrey is an enthusiastic professional and a real explorer. As an explorer he likes to discover new things, learn more and get inspired. His career in IT started as a tester, test manager and test consultant. He helped to make sure software products obtained the high quality standard. But his curious and discovering nature was never satisfied with just testing.

This led him to the agile way of working and he consulted his first Scrum project 5 years ago. He learned this way was more effective, but it struggled with delivering quality. After his first project, he learned a lot and started investigating more effective ways to deliver quality. Within his last 4 years he has worked as an agile test & quality expert. Currently in the role of test lead at Ordina. Specializing in coaching teams to   deliver value & quality fast. By use of Behavior Driven Development, Exploratory testing & agile/scrum basics.

His great passion is to inspire others, teach professionals and help companies with tackling their struggles. This also lead to becoming Dutch Software Testing Champion in 2018(after the 2nd place in 2017).

When not at work, he likes to explore. Geoffrey has a curious nature when it comes to travelling, food & finding out how stuff works. But also likes to run, play games & spent time with friends. He also works as a mentor for a voluntary organisation called Benefits4kids. Where he mentors kids who have a stressing home situation and helps them to employ their talents. See the movie below for a local news item about his job as a mentor with his mentee.

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