The one where Geoffrey Googled himself

I know there is a lot of stuff on the web about me. So I used google to search around to see what i could find. To find the relevant stuff for IT Engineers and/or people with an interest in software testing. So, I did a summary of results in a top 3:

1. Testbash: Lessons from famous detectives for testers

Earlier this year was at TestBash Utrecht. This being my first big Dutch conference I was a bit nervous being on that stage. David Evans had an amazing talk just before me. A lot of people who’s opinion I really value and see talking at conferences were now watching me talk. Those people how’s opinion I really value, also blogged about me. Google helped me to find those back:

Maaike her blog:

Marianne her Visual note: 

Renate, who I did not know also wrote something cool :

My slides and video are found here if you are interested. Thanks for all the positive vibes I got from this amazing conference!

2. Testconf in Russia: QA in the DevOps Timeperiod

For me this was a really amazing experience, getting to open a conference with my keynote about Quality Engineering. In front of 500+ Testers and QA loving people I got to share my vision. Thing that I find really awesome is: This page about me and my keynote in cyrillic.

The video is found here, the slides here.

*Awesome to do this again at TestConf Vilnius in a few days! So workshop attendees, please wait 2 days!!!

3. Agile Testing Days: Be a Detective, Use Forencis Sciences, Improve your Skills

Working Together with people from Brazil on a Workshop that’s going to be epic (At least that is the goal). Well more about this will follow at the Agile Testing Days, so just go there and experience it I would say. Read more on: 


Google yourself and find out how special you are. Its fun and it might tell you something about yourself.