Feature mapping, the simplified edition

So, together with about 30 other People we followed the Feature Mapping workshop done at the Agile Testing Days by John Ferguson Smart at the Agile Testing Days. This workshop was really great, because it taught me a lot. Especially that what we do is not as Feature Mapping, but maybe a simplified version. But I believe it works just as well, so I promised some of the participants of the conference, to do a short blog post about it.

So first of all. My simplified Feature Mapping is part of a workshop about how to do refinements more effective. It’s called ‘Powerful Refinements with BDD’. What I try to show people is that if you collaborate in your refinements you start building the product right and build the right product as Gojko Adzic also mentions in his book ‘Specification by Example’.

So the emphasis is put on visualizing and structuring your conversation and enabling the conversation to take place. Something I started to miss at the workshop, where the focus was on doing the exercise right and making a feature map and not about having the conversation anymore.

Now I decided to create a short vlog to explain it, because otherwise I will spend a lot of time writing it down. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/gNCfJ7DQx_E