Powerful Refinements at TestCon Moscow

This is the blog post for the workshop I did with Mehmet Sahingoz at TestCon Moscow 2019.  If you are looking for the slides, you can find them here.

In the morning we started out with an exercize about three amigo’s and see how collaboration helped them to make a better product.

After that we did an exercize with the first refinement technique: Specification by Example.

Step one: We just start writing examples.


Step 2: We align on a sertain model and create more examples


Step 3: Go to key examples and final alignment on the model.IMG_20190402_164512.jpg

The second refinement technique we did is Example mapping: These are good examples of the exercise.

Also a less good solution because there is so much documentation on the side. This again becomes complex and is hard to understand. So that is why you want all the information on the sticky notes and not on the slide. IMG_20190402_164540.jpg

Feature Mapping is the third refinement technique we used.


After that we made the step to writing some Gherkin to create living documentation and your test automation (exactable specs).